Horizon Scanning and Strategy

We navigate the complexity and share trusted digital content to uncover trends and patterns for you and your team.


Our curated Horizon Scanning subscription service is designed to help education professionals stay informed and abreast of the emerging technologies, insights, and trends impacting the future of education and learning. Our service uses a combination of human curation and artificial intelligence to deliver high-precision updates to education leaders and their teams.

  • Emerging Futures of Education Newsletter

    We use AI and human curation to deliver topical market intelligence on the technologies and trends impacting the future of education and learning. Annotated commentary draws connections and puts a spotlight on content that matters to educators. Delivered weekly.

  • State of LearnTech Videos

    We offer short, easy to digest, engaging video clips that unpack emerging insights, hot topics and trends, and the possible impacts of exponential technologies on school education. Delivered to your inbox weekly.

  • State of LearnTech Webinars

    We partner with experts and thought leaders in the edtech and innovation space from Australia and overseas to deliver engaging, relevant and informative content in a live and interactive environment. Offered monthly.

  • Horizon Scanning Briefings

    Our 1 hour in-person or online briefings provide an overview of the state of Australian and global LearnTech and its impact on school education to assist leaders in developing Strategic Plans for their settings. Offered every semester.

  • Education Leadership Roundtables

    Our roundtables are designed to inspire and inform education leaders who are at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives. Share your ideas in a safe and collaborative environment and hear the latest from our expert partners. Offered every semester.

Our Strategic Advisory and Capability Service helps education leaders plan and upskill for an emerging future.


Our personalised services are adapted for your individual school’s setting so that you and your team can develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset to thrive in an ever-changing future. We constantly scan the horizon for trends and patterns to give you the tools to reimagine, design, and lead the future of school education.

In-person or online services fully customised for education leaders

  • In-person Executive Briefing

    Our personalised executive briefings share high-level trends and insights on the state of local and global LearnTech and its potential impact on learning, teaching and leading as it applies to your school. Our briefings will assist you in developing Strategic Plans for your school or department.

  • Futures Planning

    Our Futures Planning Tools and Frameworks session is designed to upskill leaders on knowledge of tools and frameworks to help you consider and plan for an emerging future at a global level and identify the actions you can take at a local level to influence a preferred future.

  • Customised Research

    Our customised research and analysis are tailored according to your needs and requirements. From deep dives covering themes across the spectrum of edtech to bespoke market research, our expert team brings a local and global perspective to your school’s innovation challenges and goals.

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